Smartbox in your Network - Checklist

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⚠️This article refers to the small smartbox, for the smartbox Pro, please see this article.


Your smartbox has been connected to the network via an Ethernet cable, but no data is appearing on the smartblick dashboard.

View in the Smartblick Dashboard.

CHECK 1: First, check if the LAN LED on the smartbox is lit up.

Yes, the light is green!No, the light is red / off.
The physical connection to your network seems to work.
Check the network cable, the patch panel, and the network socket to ensure they are fully functional.

CHECK 2: Check the IP assignment of the boxes.

Yes, the box ha an IP.No, the box does not have an IP.
A smartbox attempts to communicate with smartblick services via an HTTPS connection to report its status and query for updates.

If, despite an IP assignment, the smartbox is offline, it needs to be checked whether there are components (such as content filters or firewalls) in the network that could be affecting HTTP(s) communication.

Check the IP assignment in the network. Typically, you'll need the MAC addresses of the devices for which an IP has been assigned by a DHCP server. 

You can simply use the smartbox ID to look for an IP assignment for a MAC address. Unless specified otherwise, the smartbox ID refers to the MAC address of the LAN port.

Note: This does not apply to a WLAN connection!

Set up an appropriate rule in this system for the following domain names and IP addresses:

443HTTPS - (TCP)
8883MQTT - (TCP) 
123NTP - (UDP) 

If the HTTPS/HTTP connection is successfully whitelisted, the display on the Smartbox should come online within 5 minutes.

CHECK 3: Check the status of port 8883 for the deployment of the smartbox. 

As described in the table above, after enabling port 8883 for all smartboxes in the network, the data connection should be established.


Yes, the connection works!No, the smartbox still shows offline.
Very good! Now, check the incoming data for plausibility.In this case, please contact support for direct assistance.


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