Set activity thresholds and standstill thresholds

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If you have smartboxes connected to your machines, smartblickautomatically detects the activity and idle times based on two values.

With the settings described here you can adapt these values to your machines.

Minimim Activity Duration = 10s = any spindle activity over 10s is registered as an operation in the dashboard

Minimum Downtime Duration = 10s = any inactivity over 10s will be registered as a downtime in the dashboard


Example Adjustment Minimum Activity Duration

A spindle on your machine periodically performs a 15 second positioning operation during a downtime.

If you now increase the Minimum Activity Duration to 20 seconds, the process marker for standstill will not be interrupted

Example Adjustment of Minimum Downtime Duration

Your machine has a large magazine and a tool change takes c.a. 30 seconds. However, you do not want to evaluate this time as inactivity.

If you now increase the Minimum Downtime Duration to 35 seconds, the process marking for activity will not be interrupted by a standstill.


1. Go to your machine page and open the machine configuration.

2. In the Smartbox Assignment area, select the Advanced menu item.

3. Enter the values that are appropriate for you and click Save.

The smartbox reconfigures itself and after a short time (5 - 10 minutes) records the activity and downtime times with the selected parameters.

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