Dashboard - Live Machine Overview

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Your overview for all Machines connected to your Dashboard


This is your home screen, every time you log into your dashboard you will be directed here. On the 

top bar, this page is labeled "Machinery".

What for

At a glance, see the current status of your machines and their operating efficiency.


You can customize the dashboard to only display machines with specific tags. These tags can be edited within each machine´s settings page.

The following settings affect the displayed KPIs:

  • By timeframe
  • By shift

These can be combined to quickly get an overview of your historic performance.

Additionally, you can change the displayed information by selecting between Tile View and List View (left of the search bar)

On the top bar, you see an overview of your total Unplanned downtime, Activity Time and Efficiency. These metrics are affected by the settings above.

For more information on these metrics, see: Calculations and Definitions

Tile View

At the top of each machine, in blue, is the current order and work step being performed.

Under the machine name, you can see 3 Icons, these display the Machine run time, Activity time and Efficiency. These metrics are affected by the KPI settings mentioned above.

At the bottom, you see the last hour of activity time. In yellow the machine activity and in blue the machine on time. This bar will not be affected by KPI settings.

List View

In comparison to the tile view, in the list view you can see all machine activities, in more detail than in the tile view. This allows you to easily compare machines with each other.

In the list view, you can see the historic order/ activity data for each machine, the timeframe can be altered as needed; however, for performance reasons, labels are not rendered if the selected timeframe is longer than 48h.

As in the tile view, the KPIs for each machine are displayed and affected by the selected timeframe/  shift.

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