Automated notifications (e.g., via email) once a process has been completed.


  1. Select the "Notifications" menu item in the dashboard.
  2. Select an event that you would like to receive a notification when it occurs.
  3. Select the way you want to be notified.
  4. Select the recipients:inside.

For what

Example 1

In this example there is an order consisting of one work step.

When this work step and therefore the order is completed, an e-mail with this information is automatically sent to the client and/or to the customer(s).

Example 2

In this example we work with a notification based on a process marker.

Here, first the duration of an event is set (downtime is greater than 5 minutes).

Then we select the machine for which this notification will be sent.

In our example scenario:

If the Emco Hyperturn is at a standstill for more than 5 minutes, an e-mail is automatically sent - to you and/or to your customers(that means: to everyone whose e-mail address you have entered before).

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