Comments for orders and work steps

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The comment function offers you the possibility to enter additional information for orders, work steps and process labeling.

What for

You can use this function to conveniently store all important information for work steps, such as "Select vise size 2 here".

This applies to orders with special properties, e.g. "100% inspection required",as well as to marked processes, e.g. "Programming time is extended by...".

Making this "background knowledge" generally available helps you and your team to collaboratively optimize your production process.


You can comment on orders, work steps and process labels.

You can create and access this information via the work step monitor in the machine park view as well as via the order management.

You will find 3 different icons with the following meanings:

 Create comments
Existing comments and number of comments 
 Number of existing comments in this section 

Comments in the order view

Here you can create comments for all elements of this view.

To do so, move the mouse over the desired element Order, Work step or Process marker to create your comment. Simply click outside the comment box - and your comment is automatically saved.

You can also easily delete your comment by removing the text from the comment box.

Comments in the work step monitor of the machine park view

In the work step monitor, you can not only see the previous comments, but also create new comments. This is possible for the currently running work step as well as for any process label.

Simply click on the desired element and view or create comments.

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